The Cocora Valley, Salento, Colombia

The Best Of Latin America – Best Videos

Making A New Friend - Alto Cayma, PeruLatin America will always be a special place for me. It’s where I started The Happy Nomad Tour and spent nine months of my life traveling, volunteering, and getting to know another way of life. I also finally learned Spanish 🙂

In this series I will share “The Best Of Latin America” in pictures. The pictures won’t do it justice, but nothing could…


Below are my favorite videos from my time in Latin America. Give the page a minute to load as there are a bunch of embedded videos below.

How to mount a horse in style

How to say Happiness Plunge

Puppies trying to drink from mom

Being serenaded on Easter in Rural Peru

Obtaining my Ngäbe name from my new godmother

Loud rap music on an early morning chicken bus ride in El Salvador

Amazing sunset interrupted by drunk hippie in Colombia

A Peruvian garbage truck emitting foul odors and beautiful sounds

A llama greeting visitors to Machu Pichu

Kids playing football at Angeles de Medellin, Colombia

Dancing ballerina on Christmas Eve in Venezuela

How to say god in Quechua

Kids singing We Are The World in Ecuador

A girl naming her Teletubby at Angeles de Medellin, Colombia

A Tsachila Indian playing the marimba

Singing on Mexican Independence Day

Dancing at Rayo de Sol, Arequipa, Peru

Early morning chicken bus ride in El Salvador

Blind guitarist performing on a bus in Ecuador

Ingenious local entrepreneurship in Cartagena, Colombia

Unexpected blues voice from this singer in Colombia

This video below is especially meaningful for me. The day after my uncle died I arrived in Pasto, Colombia and they played this song for me. Very nice.

Singing on Mother’s Day in Lima, Peru

Catching a ride on a motorcycle taxi to the Colombia-Venezuela border

Indigenous street performers in Panama City, Panama

Speaking at Centrum Business School in Lima, Peru

How to make tortillas in El Salvador

Chicken bus capitalism in El Salvador

Alone we are strong, together we are stronger

Viva Mexico on their Independence Day

A video to kick off The happy Nomad Tour

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