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  1. Walter
    Walter says:

    Hi Adam, Despite not being a big fan of the complete happiness cocoon package a lot of books are trying to wrap us into, I do think that you are definitely a lucky fellow having an apartment to yourself in Debrecen and Hungary not being a bad place to get kind of stuck at.

    It appears that Canon and Nikon seem to have similar policies when it comes to cameras bought in the US, so I am not sure whether it is a camera manufacturer thing or whether it is US-market related but I know that other photographers had this annoying problem while being abroad and in need of getting a camera fixed.

    Hope it works out in the end, though.



    • Adam Pervez
      Adam Pervez says:

      Thanks, Walter! Yes, Debrecen is a great place. I’ve even started cooking again, a luxury I haven’t had in the past two years 🙂

      Well, I’ve had the camera since December and it’s been in transit for about three months since then getting fixed twice now. I think that’s a bit excessive. So I’ll probably roll the dice with another manufacturer next time. We’ll see.

      Take care!


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