Toronto – My City For Transitions

As I made my way to Toronto with only two weeks of The Happy Nomad Tour left, it reminded me of many similar experiences I had on this journey. I would stay with someone I went to business school with in Spain. I don’t think we ever had a conversation in Spain though.

As I arrived in Toronto’s Union Station we met up and it was as if we were old friends who just needed to do some catching up. It was lovely and it’s so nice to actually get to know someone you “know.”



It had been ten years since I last visited Toronto. I visited in 2004 just after graduating with my bachelor’s degree and just before heading to the Middle East to start working. Now I was on the verge of completing my 30-month journey around the world. Toronto, it seems, is my point of transition.

There is much to say about Toronto. I really liked it. The people were very nice, there is very good public transportation considering it is a North American city, and from what I’ve read it’s the most diverse city in the world. I’m not sure how they measure diversity, but being there I can say it is definitely a melting pot. I love that, if you couldn’t guess already.

Toronto is always a city I thought I could live in. Visiting confirmed this, though I really don’t know if I can handle such long and cold winters.

While in Toronto there was an alumni event for graduates from my business school. I was asked to share a few words about The Happy Nomad Tour and we had a short discussion afterward. I met some awesome people there. I had lunch with one person later in the week and I met up with another in Montreal the following week.

Toronto's CN Tower In The Distance

Toronto’s CN Tower In The Distance

I didn’t do much outdoors. I was still coming to terms with the 95F/55C temperature drop and it took longer to adjust than I thought it would. Plus I didn’t have real winter clothes. But I went outside in some capacity every day and tried to make the most out of being there. Toronto was about meeting people, including a “fan” who found my website and wrote me a couple weeks earlier not knowing I’d be in her city soon thereafter.

All in all, a very nice visit to Canada’s biggest city.

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