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Get A Plant!

plant in yellow potOk, maybe as a single guy this post will seem funny.  But hear me out!  The Happiness Plunge is about the big decisions that will change your life forever, but it’s also about the small ones that can really improve your quality of life!

I moved into a new apartment in January.  I live very simply, so I’m actually only using about half of the space in the apartment.  Nevertheless, it’s too bare.  I decided to buy a plant.  I knew of some of the health benefits provided by plants.  But most of all I just wanted something green sitting on the window sill.

I bought a normal plant and a cactus, as you can see below.  The cactus was a backup so that I wouldn’t be too crushed if my gardening skills didn’t measure up against a real plant.

Within about a week, I noticed that one of the leaves died despite ample watering.  I moved it to the other side of the apartment since it gets more direct sunlight.  It has now been about six weeks, and I’m happy to report that it’s doing well!

So why get a plant?

In my case, it’s nice to have something to care for and love.  I take care of the plant and give it some love.  It’s a good feeling.  But there are numerous other benefits as well.

Plants, of course, convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.  But they also absorb all kinds of toxins from the air, such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, ammonia, etc.  Plants also have been shown to make people feel happier and more optimistic.  Patients at a hospital with a window facing a garden recovered faster than patients with a window facing a wall, for example.  Plants have been shown to help people recover from colds faster as well.  They regulate humidity and reduce the sound level.

I can’t speak to these scientifically demonstrated benefits, but in my case it is just nice having something at home to love that doesn’t require as much committment as a pet.  As spring dawns, I will invest in some more plants to spruce up my apartment!

Again, the Happiness Plunge is just as much about taking small steps to a happier you as it is about taking major steps.  This is an easy thing to do with almost no negatives associated with it apart from the upfront cost.

Give it a try and see if you feel happier and healthier!

Do you have any plant recommendations?  Have plants or gardens helped you feel happier and healthier?  Tell us in the comments section below!

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  1. breakfree
    breakfree says:

    Your post actually reminded me how badly I wanted to have a terrace garden back in Delhi..and actually used to dream it big with my dad..

    At one point of time, we had almost 40 plants..and we both used to spend our entire weekend tending to them..

    'But then I grew up more, got busy with stuff and dad as well getting older cant take care of plants as well as he could before, that too alone.

    So yep, thanks for reminding me my dream again! 🙂 One day for sure…….!


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