My plant in March

Pour Love Into Everything You Do

As I have said before, love is one of the few things in life that you have an infinite amounts of. You can give out as much love as you want and you won’t run out it. So why don’t we pour love into everything we do then?

For example, cooking is not a chore. It’s a human need and responsibility. Food nourishes you and keeps you alive. Food deserves our respect, and our love. No matter what you are eating, you are incorporating life, whether alive like fruit or vegetables, or dead, like meat, and incorporating it into your body. This life you are consuming, plus the energy needed to cook it (refrigeration/freezing and then heat to cook) is usually taken for granted.Pour your love and gratitude into whatever you cook, and then again when you put the food in your mouth.

I bought a plant a couple months ago when winter was still raging here in Denmark. I put it on my windowsill so I could look forward to spring, and thus my coming departure from Denmark and the plunge into my new life. But the plant started dying within the first two weeks. I had been watering it and taking care of it, but it needed more sunlight. So I moved it to the window that receives the most sun, and now it is flourishing.

Below you can see my plant when I first bought it and what it looks like today. Admittedly, in the two pictures look pretty much the same.  But I promise that the plant is 25-50% bigger than it was back in March!  And new greenery is sprouting up from the soil now as well. The cactus is basically the same, as would be expected :).

My plant in March

Plant – March 2011

My Plant Now

Plant – May 2011

Even though it’s just a simple plant, I can’t tell you how great it feels to have nourished the plant back to health and to have poured my love into it. I suppose having children is the same experience on a much, much bigger scale. But you need not overlook these smaller moments in life to exercise your love and gratitude muscles!

What have you unconditionally poured your love into lately? Share your story in the comments section below!

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