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Today’s Challenge – Make Someone Smile

smiley face iconToday’s “Challenge Yourself” seems easy, but in reality it’s difficult.  This is one of my favorite challenges since there are many techniques you can use, but often it depends on improvisation.

Really, go out of your way today to make someone smile.  You get extra points if the person you make smile really needs a smile, but it will suffice to make anyone smile today (by going out of your way).

What do I mean by going out of your way?  Well, challenge yourself to do something you don’t normally do.  Step outside your comfort zone.  If you typically walk down the street looking straight ahead oblivious as to the people you pass on the street, then that’s a great place to start.  Look up at someone and give them a nice smile and keep on walking.  Did he or she smile back?  If not, it’s ok.  It wasn’t a rejection of you, per se.  Maybe the person on the receiving end appreciated your gesture, but didn’t trust your motives.

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.  Someone will respond to your kind gesture and smile back.  And I can promise that when it happens you’ll feel great inside.

The previous example is an easy way to start this exercise.  Over time, hopefully you smile more and more in public and it becomes second nature to you.

But the point is to challenge yourself to do something you don’t normally do.  And by definition, this exercise is positive and gratifying.  Maybe your smile will be that person’s highlight of the day – and that person could be one of the people who gave you a funny look!  You never know.

In my case, I love doing this with the elderly.  It has often led to fun and interesting conversations.

The more positivity you put out into the world, the more positivity you’ll get back.  As an engineer, I can tell you that matter is neither created nor destroyed.  It can only be transformed.  This is the law of the conservation of energy.  But luckily for us, positivity is not matter, so you have an infinite supply within yourself and it’s time you start sharing!  And again, luckily we aren’t bound by the laws of conservation of energy, so it’s quite possible to get exponential returns on your investment of positivity.  You may not see those returns – someone you smile at on the street gives you a funny look, but they are in a better mood the rest of the day – yet in your heart you’ll feel it.

People may even perceive you differently from this simple act.  It takes guts to walk down the street, look strangers in the eye, and flash them a smile.  Some people may perceive you as a bit creepy or crazy, but once you’ve perfected your technique you’ll appear calm, happy, and confident!

This exercise seems very simple on the surface, but it really does take guts.  But as you know, no guts no glory.  TRY IT!  I’m so sure this technique will work that I’ll even include a 30-day money back guarantee. 🙂

How do you challenge yourself to make someone smile every day?  Share your technique in the comments section below!

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