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Happy Nomad Tour Update 3-August-2011

Green REI Backpack for backpacking and world travelIt’s hard to believe, but I’ll be embarking on The Happy Nomad Tour in just one week. Time has seriously flown, and yet there is still so much to do. On a sobering note, I made my Last Will And Testament today. I still need to find international health insurance and do a lot of small administrative things. I also have a lot of people at home to see and say goodbye to.

This week will also be my last week in my parents house in Cleveland. I saw the one they’ll move into in North Carolina and I like it, but still. This place was “home” for me. I suppose it’s only fitting for someone calling himself a nomad to lose his home! 🙂

I have a few waypoints set over the next two years or so, and the rest of the time I’ll just take as it comes. Despite my love of travel, people are immeasurably more important than places. So I’ll do my best to visit the awesome people in my life along the way – starting in Houston, Texas.

I’ll be visiting an awesome friend of mine that I met in Spain while we were doing our MBAs. She’s amazingly positive and optimistic and I hope to carry that torch with me as I head south into an unknown future. I can’t wait and it’ll be the perfect place to transition from the US to Mexico, sadness of leaving the family to happiness of pursuing my dream, and corporate tool to nomadic idealist. I’ll also do some volunteering and try to make a small difference while I’m there.

Soon I’ll write a post about what gear I am taking with. Some of it is quite interesting!

Have a great rest of the week and smile!

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