50 For 50 Contest – Get A Postcard From Central America!

El Salvador postcardWhen I get to El Salvador or Honduras it will mark the 50th country I have been to. This is no cause for celebration. It’s just a number. But I’d like to thank and connect with my loyal readers in a different way to mark the occasion.

I still haven’t decided if I’ll go to El Salvador or Honduras after Guatemala. From now until I arrive in either country (approximately mid-October) all you have to do is send the link to my website via email to people you know with a short message explaining why you read the blog. The top 50 link sharers will receive a postcard from me. If you send it to 50+ people, you’ll get one automatically.

Just include [email protected] when you send the email and add the address I should send the postcard to. You can send me your address in a separate email if you prefer.

Thanks for your support and for helping to spread the message!

Good luck!

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