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Got Any Questions For Me?

A friend of mine suggested I open up the floor to ask me any questions you may have. The floor has always been open, as those who have contacted me know, but here is the official invitation.

Yes, I have this ongoing series, How The Happy Nomad Tour Rolls, about how I travel (and yes, I answer how I can afford to travel in there as it’s the #1 question I am asked).

But otherwise, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me here.

Don’t be shy!

If I get enough questions, I’ll answer them in a FAQ post next weekend. If I only get a few questions, I’ll just incorporate the questions into the above series.


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  1. satish saxena
    satish saxena says:

    here i some questions for you adam 🙂 can i plan world tour without lot of money ?? i will manage visa for several country in advance ?
    3.what precaution should i take ?? much minimum money required ?
    5.standby arrangement in emergencies medical or financial ??
    6. security issues ??


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