What Skill Can’t You Find In LinkedIn?

I was on LinkedIn the other day, the social network for business professionals. It asked me to update my profile with skills and expertise so I gave it a try.

The Skill/Expertise You Can’t Find

I was surprised that happiness wasn’t among the pre-programmed options for a skill or expertise. So, happiness is not an option (pun intended), but happy hour is. Fascinating…

Happiness Isn't An Option

Happiness Isn’t An Option

The Dignified Skills/Expertise You Can Find

Below a random list of dignified skills/expertise you can add in LinkedIn, including the always appreciated skill of “Kicking Ass.”


None. Just food for thought.

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  1. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    Reading this list just cracked me up. Missing the corporate world yet, Adam? +1 for getting happiness added; I personally tend to think it’s a little more important than skillfully avoiding unions!


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