Yukimi And I

Everything Happens For A Reason – Even Month-Long Delays In Hungary

Despite my angst at having to wait a month in Hungary to get my camera back from Sony, which ended up not happening, something great happened at the end of my stay here!

On a Friday evening I got a message from a Japanese friend I went to business school with. She all of a sudden needed to fly to Hungary for a meeting on  Monday. She thought I was still in Hungary, but wasn’t sure. But just as she got the flight details she saw this post go up on Facebook.

I don’t know about you, but I found the Ooops brand toilet paper ironically strange. But how amazing is it that this “Ooops” led to me getting to see this friend after two years!

The last time I saw her was when she visited me in Copenhagen in April 2011. I had shaved my head for the first time when she visited. I was fully underway with my Happy Nomad Tour planning at that point, but it was still just a dream.

I told her that she seems to visit me at hair extremes, first when I was bald and now with my crazy hair. But the meeting was wonderful nevertheless.

We have both changed so much the past two years, but we both seem to be looking for the same answers. It was really nice to see and we had some wonderful discussions.

We only had a couple of hours together, but I’m still grateful nevertheless. And I guess, in seeing the bright side, if my camera delay had never happened I never could have seen my friend! Everything happens for a reason!

Yukimi And I

Yukimi And I

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