The Purse Cut Open

Another Attempted Robbery – This Time In Ecuador

Yesterday I went out to see a few places with the lady I’m staying with here in Quito. We went to a couple monuments and used the Metro three times.

At some point on the Metro, even though we were by each other and talking, someone cut open her purse to steal her wallet. Another attempted robbery! You can see the picture below.

The Purse Cut Open

The Purse Cut Open

When we got back at night, her coin purse fell out of her purse. It seemed strange but we just figured it jumped out somehow as she dropped it on a chair. The next morning it was obvious why it happened – the hole!

I don’t know if I’m good luck or bad luck, but my host here said it’s the first time this has happened to her. Maybe I attracted the robbers somehow, but maybe I’m good luck in that both times I’ve been robbed (Guatemala and Colombia), the thieves didn’t get anything. Nothing was lost this time either.

I hope the lucky streak continues…

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  1. Happiness Plunge
    Happiness Plunge says:

    It’s cool. I have 5 or 7 lives left, like a cat (here it’s 7 lives, at home cats get 9 lives). Once those run out, it won’t be funny anymore 🙂


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