Adventure Underwear

Adventure Underwear – Protecting Your Goods While Traveling

For whatever reason, I get a lot of emails from people looking to promote products and services. I ignore most, but when Nigel from Adventure Underwear contacted me I saw great promise in what he had to offer!

He invented underwear that was not only comfortable to wear, but also had waterproof pockets to safeguard your essentials. All too often a trip to the beach results in going for a swim and coming back to a stolen bag. While in Vietnam I met a British guy who went for a swim in the tourist city of Nha Trang. While in the water he saw two guys approaching his stuff and watched as they ran away with his bag. He was too far away to do anything. They got his wallet and passport. Such experiences transform a trip or vacation into a nightmare.

In my own case while traveling, I encountered four different robbery attempts. There was the lost in translation episode in Guatemala. The hit and run mugging in Colombia. My couchsurfing host almost had her wallet stolen on a bus in Ecuador. And finally, the nicest Filipino pickpockets eventually stole the equivalent of $20 from me on public transport. You never know when such a situation may present itself, whether on the road or in your own city.

That’s where Adventure Underwear steps in. Nigel was nice enough to send me some samples during their successful Kickstarter campaign. With waterproof pockets you can store your valuables. You might think the Australian merino wool material would be too warm, but it’s very breathable and I noticed no difference in comfort between these and the cotton underwear I’ve used. Below is an image of how it looks.

Adventure Underwear

Adventure Underwear

Unfortunately, there is no version of the underwear for women yet. Nigel said he is working on it. The idea came from his own personal experience backpacking through South America. He sewed in pockets to his existing underwear to keep his valuables safe. Creating a women’s pair has more logistical as well as fashion challenges, but he’s working on it.

I’d recommend you not wear these to an airport, or at least not the Tel Aviv airport. They made me remove my pants for no reason and only became more suspicious when they felt pockets sewn into my underwear.

Innovation is a messy process, but co-founders Nigel and Franklin seem to have pushed through the initial hurdles of designing a product and manufacturing it. I think this should be a part of any traveler’s gear, especially when you know you’ll be on the beach or in suspect circumstances. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of embassy visits for a new passport and overseas phone calls to cancel credit cards. I wish them well and below you can see their promotional video from their Kickstarter campaign to learn more.

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  1. Anita @ No Particular Place To Go
    Anita @ No Particular Place To Go says:

    Great title for your post! So far we’ve been very lucky in our travels but we did have a brush with an attempted theft in Antigua, Guatemala where my husbands cargo pants pocket was slashed (the pocket was empty but it was disturbingly close to his goods!). Guess you can watch and prepare and try not to carry too much …


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