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Happiness Plunge Inc.’s Q3 “Report To Shareholders” – Still Great Outcomes, Still No Income

Growth ChartIt’s hard to believe, but it’s been nine months since I hit the road and three months since my last quarterly report to shareholders and six months since the first quarterly report. But it has and it’s been a great three months in South America.

My experiences in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru have, for the most part, been wonderful. I knew I’d enjoy myself in Peru, but it’s given me more joy, smiles, and great experiences than I could have imagined.

Most of my volunteering was concentrated in Peru as things fell through a bit in Ecuador. Still, wonderful experiences, some of which are still in the queue of articles waiting to be published on the site.

And, of course, I’m still excited about my hair fundraiser. Check out the details here.

Q3 Numbers

Total Distance Traveled:  5066mi /  8154km
Distance Traveled By Bus:  5066mi / 8154km
Distance Traveled By Air: 0 mi / 0 km
Distance Traveled By Boat: 0 mi / 0 km
Longest Bus Ride: 21 Hours (Cusco – Lima)
Total Number of Beds Slept In: 22
Borders crossed: 2 (Colombia-Ecuador, Ecuador-Peru)
Amount Spent On Accommodation: $44
Income: $0

Best Of:

Happiest picture: The Happy Gringo shop in Quito, Ecuador

Saddest moment: My uncle’s passing

Amazing change-maker: Yokoi Kenji in Bogota, Colombia

Best Valentine’s Day of my life: Happily Single

Strangest restaurant: Andres Carne de Res in Bogota, Colombia

Day in nature: Cocora Valley in Salento, Colombia

Funniest video: Getting thrown on top of a horse on a Colombian Coffee Farm

Best farm experience: A day on a Colombian Coffee Farm

Best remedy against everything: Amazing pancakes

Scariest moment: Getting robbed again

Funnest market day: Indigenous market in Silvia, Colombia

Best lost-in-translation moment: Milking myself in Popayan, Colombia

Best application of travel hacking: My crazy flight itinerary for $95

Best unexpected good time: Pasto, Colombia

Best anti-narcotics inspection: Crossing into Ecuador

Best experience on the equator: Mitad del Mundo

Best sneaky thieves: Quito, Ecuador

Best “blew my mind” experience: A weekend with the Tsachila Indians in Ecuador

Best Ohio State moment: Finding a Brutus Buckeye at in Huaraz, Peru

Best extreme sports moment: Rappelling down a waterfall in Ecuador

First spiritual/high experience: Trying ayahuasca in Ecaudor

Best instant, life-long friendship with a stranger: Meeting Jennifer In Ecuador

Most disappointing experience: The trip to the amazon that didn’t happen

Best volunteering experience: Teaching English at Fiore Peru

Coolest face in stone: Ingapirca

Best way to finish a trip to Ecuador: Cuenca, Ecuador

Best way to get a sim card: By breaking the law

Most personal revelation: My imperfection covering up my superpower

Best beach experience: Mancora, Peru

Best unexpected stop due to protests closing a road: Chimbote, Peru

Best place to live while teaching English in Peru: Casma, Peru

Best example of not recognizing one’s inner-awesomeness: Ignorance is agony, not bliss

Coming Up In Q4

Q4 for the Happy Nomad Tour will bring forth extreme changes. First, I’ll go back to the U.S. for three weeks to see my family and do some events with Wigs For Kids. I can’t wait to meet the inspirational people behind this amazing organization and do some events with them to raise funds.

Me At The Great Wall Of China In 2006

Me At The Great Wall Of China In 2006

I’ll start the Asian leg of The Happy Nomad Tour after my three weeks in the U.S. I’ll be heading to places where I don’t speak the language and I worry my trip will have to change in a major way as a result. I’ve been able to have wonderful, off the grid volunteering experiences in Latin America because I, more or less, speak Spanish. In Asia I lose this ability to be completely independent.

Still, I am positive and confident about what’s to come in Asia. I’ve become comfortable in Latin America, so it’s the right time to move on.

I’ll also give a keynote speech to students at my alma matar, IE Business School, at the end of June. This will be my first income as a result of The Happy Nomad Tour. As 2012 was the year to focus on financial sustainability. Hopefully more opportunities will arise so I can focus on volunteering on the Happy Nomad Tour instead of ways to earn money to keep it going.

And, of course, I look forward to meeting old friends, making new ones, and interacting with the readers of this blog!

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  1. JCov
    JCov says:

    Thanks so much for mention, I’m honored. Friendship is after all one of the most precious things on this Earth and it is a special thing to find a new friend. As you know, I feel the same way and I look forward to continuing to swap stories as our adventures continue and our stories unfold. Amigos para siempre!!


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