Rappelling Down The Waterfall

How “Let’s Visit A Waterfall” Turned Into Me Rappelling Down A Waterfall

Cascada del Diablo

Cascada del Diablo

On my second day with the Tsachilas, they said we’d visit a waterfall. Well, they told me lots of other things as well, but I didn’t fully understand what they said. I just knew that we’d be meeting two other Americans and we’d be going to a waterfall. Upon leaving, they told me it would cost $20.


We got to Cascada del Diablo (Waterfall of the Devil) and met up with two guides. They had two backpacks, but I had no idea what was in them. Water I guess. Maybe lunch?

We hiked up the mountain to get higher up and see the beautiful views of the waterfall. Along the way, one of the American girls asked if “Can you believe we’re going to rappel down the waterfall?”


I said that no, I couldn’t believe it because I had no idea that we were going to be doing that.

But, living under the premise of being willing to try anything once, I mentally said “why not?”

The water was freezing so I was shivering most of the time. The rocks were extremely slippery so it was a bit dangerous. But everything ended up working out fine.

I did lose my balance about halfway down the waterfall and I got a nice bruise on my elbow as a result.

Since it’s the rainy season here in Ecuador, the flow of water was kind of intense. I guess there are 5 levels of rappelling and this was level 2 out of 5. Not bad for my first try 🙂

We also rappelled down a part of the mountain and that was much easier.

All in all, an unexpectedly fun experience.

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