Natural Products Co-op In Chiapas

Volunteering With An Indigenous Women’s Co-op In Chiapas

Natural Products Co-op In ChiapasMy original volunteering opportunity in Chiapas fell through once I got here, but luckily the kind people I’m staying with quickly found something else for me to help with – their Co-op!

They lead a Cooperative of producers of natural products (soap, shampoo, creams, etc.) The members of the Co-op are all women and indigenous. Everything is made by hand from fresh ingredients. My day trip outside the city a few days ago, for example, was to scout out potential land to grow the herbs used in their products.

The Co-op allows them to bring their products to market more directly via local stores instead of going through a distributor who would take a cut of the profits. Thus, lower prices for the consumer and higher profits for the producer.

I have mostly been helping with my computer/web abilities. I updated and added some information to their website. I translated their brochure to English since many foreigners who live here frequent the stores their products are sold in. I also redesigned some of the labels for the products – hopefully making them more attractive and more likely to sell 🙂

It’s been a great experience and everyone involved in the Co-op is amazing and interesting. It’s local entrepreneurship at its best.

In Honduras I’ll be volunteering at a much larger Co-op.  Hopefully I can take what I learned here and help them out once I get there!

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  1. Vicki Luquette
    Vicki Luquette says:

    Hi Adam – Glad you’re enjoying Chiapas.  I think I forgot to mention that my boss actually lives in Chiapas – -well, for maybe 60-75% of the time.  He’s in San Diego the rest of the time. He was back in Chiapas for a few days earlier this week but is at the coast now and for some time period (he’s a rolling stone for sure) so you guys will not be able to meet — at least not on this trip!


  2. Tara
    Tara says:

    Hi there – I’d love to get connected with the co-op in Chiapas you were working for. Are they accepting any new volunteers? Any info you can send my way is most appreciated.

    Thank you,


  3. Christine
    Christine says:

    I would also love to get some information on the co-op. My boyfriend and I are currently in Chiapas and were looking for a place to volunteer. Thanks for the article

  4. Dora
    Dora says:

    Would also be great some information on this women’s cooperative. Want to stay in san cristobal and would love to help out. Any information would be really appreciated . Thanks

  5. Ford Quarterman
    Ford Quarterman says:


    I guess I’ll be the 4th person to ask you for the co-op’s contact info haha. My gf and I are looking to get plugged in with volunteering in Chiapas ASAP as we are already here and our project fell through. Thanks!

  6. Liv
    Liv says:

    I would love to know which co-op this is, so that I can contact them in case they still accept volunteers, as i am currently in san cris 🙂

  7. Malthe
    Malthe says:


    Hopefully womes co-op are in need of an army of volunteers! 🙂
    I’ll happily receive their info as well!


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