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What Time Is It? Now, Always Now…

Watch showing time as nowMy impromptu trip to the beach to ring in New Year’s was wonderful, but literally right before we left to come back to Caracas something happened.

I went to the bathroom and thoroughly washed my hands and arms to get the sun screen off of me. In the process I took of my watch. I forgot it in the bathroom.

I realized I didn’t have it about 15 minutes into the drive back. But somehow I didn’t care too much. A watch is obviously replaceable and I never have expensive watches. I had this one for two years and that’s probably the shortest time one of my watches has lasted.

But now I don’t want one.

The Power Of Now

On the boat ride from Panama to Colombia, I met an awesome Australian couple who are on a similar spiritual journey. They recommended the book The Power Of Now and couldn’t stop saying great things about it.

As of now, I’m about halfway through the book and they were right. It’s the perfect book for me at this moment of my life.

I realized that now is the only important time a while ago, but I guess I didn’t really know how to suspend thinking and just become more aware of my environment. This book is helping me do that and to question my relationship with time in general.

What Is Time?

In the end, time is a man-made thing. Certainly it’s necessary and I agree that time has its purpose. I just think we live too attached to the clock.

If you asked an animal what time it is, it would probably say “now.” And that’s how I endeavor to live going forward. The past has its place and the future is yet to be written. All we really have is exactly this moment right now, right? But we’re often too consumed by the past or preoccupied about the future to really pay attention to the current moment.

Now that I’ve lost my watch, I think it’ll be even easier to live in the present moment. Already I’ve felt the urge to know what time it is for no reason. I’ve been able to answer myself by saying that it doesn’t matter and happily return to enjoying the current moment.

Maybe I’ll buy a watch again in the near future since I don’t like having to open my cell phone just to see what time it is. But for now I’m in no rush and I’m enjoying the liberating feeling of, largely, being free of time!

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  1. Owen Lipsett
    Owen Lipsett says:

    Great post as always Adam! My watch band fell apart in the shower the week I started my first full-time job. I didn’t get a new one and it’s made me a lot more relaxed ever since. I hope Cyprus keeps treating you well 🙂


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