A Doll Embodying Abundance

Do You See A World Of Abundance Or Scarcity?

A Doll Representing Abundance (Abundancia in Spanish)

A Doll Representing Abundance (Abundancia in Spanish)

I feel like the modern world is one based on scarcity and money allows you to buy pieces of the scarce resources you need to survive.

Contrast this with a traditional way of living (still practiced by many) where everything you need is available and abundant.

But these two different lives get at the heart of what it means to be alive. What do you need in life and what do you need to survive?

I’ve advocated a life based on maximizing experiences and minimizing things before. When you think about it, the most important thing in life is love and there is no limit to the amount of love there is in this world.

The more you can reduce you material ambitions, the less money you’ll need to buy unnecessary scarce resources, and the more abundance you’ll find. And the more you focus your attention on those you love, the less those material ambitions will matter.

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