100 Images Of Kathmandu’s Beauty

After a difficult start in South Asia, Kathmandu’s beauty revealed itself slowly, like peeling away the layers of an onion.

Below are images from the city of Kathmandu, its temples (Boudha, Swayambhunath, and Pashupatinath), its Durbar Squares (Kathmandu and Patan), and its people.

I think you’ll agree. Even without the Himalayas, this place is beautiful.

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  1. Jagadish Chandra Sana
    Jagadish Chandra Sana says:

    Very nice.
    Before starting to Nepal from Bangladesh I just have gone through all the pictures and I wondered.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Nitu
    Nitu says:

    Good Work!
    I loved it…this page is like a refreshment, when you live far from the country and want to explore it all the time. Pictures does help a lot.

  3. kumar
    kumar says:

    its pleasure to see beatiful pictures, Adam you did a great job, hope you bring some more pictures in forthcoming days!

  4. Ejaz Hussain
    Ejaz Hussain says:

    kathmandu, i think most ancient city may be over the world due to the ancient temples. as pictures shown, kathmandu is beautiful city

  5. Bhogendra
    Bhogendra says:

    Truly I love those moment which I have been spended in my home country that always helping me to get back because it has endless beauty of nature and love back.when I am getting opportunity. Thanks alot mr.adam made us feel that truly …….!!!!

  6. khan
    khan says:

    kathmandu is really beautiful palce… specially thamel and and raj darbar marg…yak &yati hotel….really beautiful… I will lov to visit once again …..

  7. john
    john says:

    Pictures hide a multitude of ugliness, poverty, pollution, congestion, noise and suffering. I’ve been here over 30 years and it just gets worse. Sorry.


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