A Visual Tour Of Jaipur

I was quite ill when I got to Rajasthan’s capital, Jaipur. You can read about that here.

In the end, I spent almost a week in Jaipur but only did a half-day of sightseeing since I was so sick. I hope the pictures in that half day reflect how rich and beautiful this place is.

I’m trying something new, allowing you to see the images in a much fuller resolution than normal. Leave a comment below or in Facebook if you prefer this expanded format for these kinds of picture posts!


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    • Adam Pervez
      Adam Pervez says:

      Thanks! I set up a “Best of Burma” post like that about two weeks ago. When I saw this one was going to publish today, I quickly put it in the same format. Glad you liked it! More coming this way…

  1. Owen Lipsett
    Owen Lipsett says:

    Cool! I can’t find that “Best of Burma” post anywhere and don’t recall reading it (just your guide to independent travel which was great). Could you post a link?

    Thank you so much!


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