My First Gray Hair

Discovering My First Gray Hairs

I was walking around the castle in Limassol, Cyprus when I felt a familiar instinct kick in: must..find..bathroom. Ya, it was kind of like diarrhea and luckily I was near a free public bathroom. My gastrointestinal tract suffers when I’m stressed, tired, or nervous, and I happened to be nervous about meeting a special girl in a couple hours.

While the bathroom would have freaked me out before this trip, I was quite thankful that it was relatively clean, had toilet paper, was free, and not moving – all unlike this experience.

As I washed my hands I looked in the mirror. I saw something I had never seen before – a gray hair. Ever since I turned 30 last year I have been more conscious of the fact that gray hair will start to come at some point. Still, this was clearly a fluke. Maybe all the sun I had been receiving and all the swimming in the ocean damaged one of my hairs. Ya, that’s it. That’s it…

My First Gray Hair

My First Gray Hair

Unfortunately, two weeks later I discovered another one, this time in Hungary, on the other side of my head. [insert curse of choice]

I think the main thing going through my mind was how it could be possible to start going gray when “I’m not a grown up yet.” I guess I’ve always associated gray hair with..older people.. people who are established, stable, responsible, etc. I’m quite happy not being established and stable.

Still, gray hair doesn’t discriminate, I guess. In my family my grandpa went gray before my age, and my brother started getting gray hair when he was 19. My dad started a bit older than me, but still, I shouldn’t complain. Plus, what’s the big deal? For guys, our credibility seems to increase when we get gray hair. We look more distinguished, more trust worthy.

In reality, I could care less. I don’t even comb my hair. It doesn’t matter. Yes, it was a shock to my system to discover, but upon discovering the second one I instantly moved on and accepted it. I won’t be dying my hair. I have nothing to hide. Bring it on!

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