Old Soviet Passport

A Walk Through A Georgian Antique Market

It all happened by accident. We were driving around and I asked my friend what was happening alongside the street. She said there was a Georgian antique market happening and asked if I wanted to see it.


I even told her “I probably won’t buy anything because I never buy souvenirs. I have no space and often no interest.” Funny how things work.

One of the first “stores” I saw really captured my attention. He had old stuff I actually like seeing – coins, bills, books, medals, even old Soviet Union passports!

So, I was captured. I ended up buying some things.. a lot of things. My dad collects foreign currency and I couldn’t help myself. One of the bills I bought dates back to Czar Nicholas II, printed in 1909. The rest were from the Soviet Union and from various Eastern Bloc countries during Soviet times. I got a few coins as well, and I couldn’t help but pick up an old Soviet passport for $3.

There were many things for sale though: tools, art, household goods, random trinkets you’d expect in an antique shop, silverware, etc. It was really fun to walk around and see everything., seeing the locals negotiate over things they wanted and seeing the sellers catch up with one another over tea when no potential customers were looking at their offerings.

It was just a great experience. The pictures are below 🙂

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