Kissing The Giraffe

The African Fund For Endangered Wildlife Giraffe Center!

In Nairobi I got to visit the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW). It’s an education and conservation center on the edge of Nairobi National Park. It was started in 1979 to repopulate the Rothschild giraffe population. Long victimized by humans who have encroached on their territory in western Kenya, the population fell precipitously. If memory serves me right, they told me that by some estimates there were only a little more than 100 giraffes left.

Thankfully, this center has stepped in and has successfully birthed over 50 giraffes. Most have been reintroduced to Kenya’s protected parks. The center does a lot of work to educate children, the Kenyan population, and tourists about the dangers animals face in the wild (mostly from humans). If you’re interested in helping them further their mission, click here.

Below are the pictures I took there. Enjoy!

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