Cook Something!

Cook Something!

Cook Something!There is something special about pouring labor and love into a dish that makes it taste better.  I don’t know if scientists have figured out why, but we have all had this experience.  Love is definitely an ingredient in food!  Food nourishes from the inside just as love does.

Cooking is a skill and one that I certainly don’t have.  When I started my job here in Denmark, I had pizza for dinner every night for three months in a row.  I’m not exaggerating.  All the ingredients were organic and fresh, but still.  I found it hard to justify putting in so much effort when I’m just cooking for myself.

There is an easy way around this.  Cook for two or three and then save the excess food for another day!  It’s easy to justify the time spent cooking if it means I don’t have to cook one or two other nights during the week.  Still, it’s not just about the time and effort.  It’s about love!

I don’t have kids, but I assume cooking something that your kids love to eat initiates a very special feeling inside you.  Isn’t eating your favorite dishes part of the experience of going “home” to your parents’ place?  Of course it is!  We definitely link food to love instinctively.  Perhaps it’s because we’re mammals and nourishment from our mothers gives us life as newborns and this connection never really breaks.

Nevertheless, as I keep saying, we have an infinite amount of love to offer and food is an area where we can spend some of this infinite love.

We should always be challenging ourselves in some way, and cooking is a great way to challenge yourself.  Try something new!  Try cooking your favorite Indian, Mexican or Thai dish.  Make it fun for the whole family and teach your kids something about the country while you make the dish.  Eating brings the family together, but cooking can as well.

Your Happiness Plunge may not involve cooking.  In fact, it probably won’t.  But cooking is a great area to learn new skills, increase confidence, and enrich to your life and those around you.  If you get enjoyment from eating good food and from providing good food to your family, it’s an endeavor worth pursuing!

What about you?  Have you found that cooking is something you enjoy or something that makes you happy?  Share us your story in the comments below!

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