Stop Tunnel Vision And Get New Perspectives

TunnelI recently watched the video below and it really made me think about tunnel vision. Too often we think there is only one day to do something, be it the way to live, your career path, the way to raise children, the way to travel, the way to exercise, etc. I would call that tunnel vision, as there are infinite ways to do each of the things just mentioned. We get set in our ways and don’t challenge ourselves to see things from another perspective.

It’s healthy to seek more perspectives when looking at a problem. It’s empowering, actually. That’s why companies so often employ diverse teams for projects. A team made up of people with different personalities and backgrounds often produce better results since each person can bring a unique perspective to the table.

When I watched this video, taken atop a mountain in Spain, it showed just how insignificant our planet is to the solar system. We are but one planet in one solar system in one of more than 170 billion galaxies in this incomprehensibly gigantic universe. How’s that for perspective when for most of us, our city, state, or country is our entire world.

The takeaway isn’t that your problems are insignificant. Rather, the takeaway is that sometimes you need to climb to the top of a mountain and get a new perspective. Whatever problem you are dealing with, whatever is bothering you, it can’t hurt to challenge yourself to think outside the norm for unconventional solutions. Chances are, when you’re atop the mountain, you’ll see things more clearly and be inspired by beauty that can only be described as out of this world.

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