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Getting Back In Touch

getting back in touch dialing a phoneSomething wonderful happened today. I have been helping clean my parents’ house as they prepare to put it up for sale. My uncle is here helping as well.

We were all talking and then the topic of high school reunions came up. My uncle said his high school sweetheart never went to any reunions and the people that did had no idea what happened to her.

He doesn’t use computers or Facebook, so I offered to see if she is on Facebook. After trying a few different ways of spelling her name, we found her. Her profile picture was very small so he wasn’t 100% sure if it was her. Plus he hasn’t seen her in almost 40 years. But she listed her high school and college so we knew for sure it was the right person.

I then said that I could send her a message on his behalf and see if she was interested in getting back in touch. He instantly got sweaty palms and butterflies in his stomach.

To see my uncle, who has been divorced for about 20 years, regress into a teenager in love.. well, it was great!

We all have great people in our lives that we’ve lost touch with. It’s never been easier to get back in touch. You may only need to Google them, or search for them on Facebook.

In my own case, I have gotten back in touch with many people at various points in my life. Sometimes it sticks and sometimes I’ve lost touch again. But there is no harm in trying to rebuild those lost connections. There is a direct correlation between social connections and happiness, so why not rebuild the connections you’ve already made?

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