My Crazy Hair

Crazy Hair Fundraiser Update – 1-Mar-2012

The Crazy Hair Fundraiser is going very, very well. As of today, six weeks into the fundraiser, we’ve collected $1670!

As I mentioned in the original article, it costs about $1500-$3000 to create a wig, so we’re well on our way to ensuring at least one wig is given to a child for free.

Sadly, many of the recent donations have been in memorial to the inspiration for this project, my uncle Barry Murray.

I have been contacting local companies in the Cleveland area to see if they’d be interested in donations. So far only Family Heritage Life Insurance has participated. I thank them wholeheartedly. Hopefully more Cleveland (and non-Cleveland) companies and individuals will join in on the cause!

My Crazy Hair

My Crazy Hair

An unintended consequence to this project is realizing how wavy and curly my hair is. I never knew. And now I walk down the street at night, seeing my shadow and not recognizing myself with the poof of hair covering my head.

I’m looking forward to when it’s long enough that it’ll just fall naturally and I can pull it back into a ponytail. Until then, it’ll get more and more out of control! I still refuse to buy a comb.. 🙂

Thanks for supporting the cause and feel free to spread the word via your social networks.

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  1. Adil
    Adil says:

    An unintended consequence to this project is realizing how wavy and curly my hair is.” I guess you learned nothing from your room mate, mate! 🙂 I shall post you a picture to you soon showing what you should be expecting in 2 years time. Wait for it! 🙂 Peace… 


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