Some Of Jordan’s Incredible Sites

Jordan was truly full of amazing places to see and experience. I knew about Petra and Wadi Rum before coming, though not very much. Everything else was a wonderful bonus. Here are some of the wonderful sights I took in, keeping in mind that I missed two very important ones: The Red Sea and The Dead Sea.


Jerash is an ancient city some 6500 years old. It came under Roman rule in 63BC and became one of its great cities. Though only ruins remain, the city consisted of paved streets, hilltop temples, theatres, public squares and plazas, baths, fountains and city walls protected by towers and gates. There are also performances there where the hippodrome used to be, where men dressed as Roman soldiers perform impressive stunts on horses.

Jesus’s Bapstism Site

Jordan is home to the site where Jesus was baptized. The Jordan River forms the border between Israel and Jordan, so free reign is not allowed here. But buses leave every hour to see the sites with a guide and the most important sites are on the Jordanian side. The river used to be much wider and a church was built along the old banks of the river. Now it’s all dry there, but you can see where the churches were built and how additions were made over the centuries. Located only 10km north of the Dead Sea, you can easily see this site on your way to the Dead Sea.

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo, located near Madaba, Jordan (which has some impressive sites in its own right), is where Moses saw the promised land that he’d never enter. From the mount you can see Jericho and other sites in Palestine. On a clear day you can even see Jerusalem.

Amman Citadel

Located in the center of Amman, the Citadel sits atop one of Amman’s seven hills. Settlement here dates back over 7000 years, but what remains is not nearly that old. Much of the citadel remains unexcavated, but visiting gives some insight into this amazing place that has housed followers of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam throughout the centuries as these religions prospered in the region. A short walk from the citadel is a well-preserved Roman theater that is worth checking out.

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