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How To Make The Best Juice Ever

As I mentioned in my post about Cusco, I fell in love with lucuma+mango juice in Peru. Quite simply, it’s the best juice ever.

When I got to Lima for the second time, I indulged in lucuma+mango juice like it was my job. Below is a tutorial on how to make your own, though finding lucuma in most places is impossible. According to Wikipedia, it’s native to Peru, grown in Ecuador and Chile, and can be found in Costa Rica, Bolivia, Vietnam, and Laos.

1. Start with a ripe mango (on the left) and a ripe lucuma (on the right)

1 Start With A Mango And A Lucuma

1. Start With A Mango And A Lucuma

2. Remove the lucuma’s skin.

2 Remove The Lucuma Skin And Seed

2. Remove The Lucuma Skin And Seed

3. Cut the mango. I prefer to cut small pieces like this since the mangoes in Peru were huge.

3 Cut Mango

3. Cut Mango

4. Remove the mango skin.

4 Remove Mango Skin

4. Remove Mango Skin

5. Put everything into the blender.

5 Put In Blender

5. Put In Blender

6. Add ice if you want a cold drink. Where I stayed, there were no ice cube trays so I had to improvise. 🙂

6 Add Ice

6. Add Ice

7. Put the ice in the blender.

7. Ice Added

7. Ice Added

8. Add instant coffee for flavor (optional)

8. Coffee Optional

8. Coffee Optional

9. The start of something beautiful

9. The Start Of Something Beautiful

9. The Start Of Something Beautiful

10. Add water

10. Add Water

10. Add Water

11. Blend! This video is an epic failure as I didn’t add enough water and the ice, obviously, was too wide to reach the spinning cutters. And every other day I made this, I forgot to re-record the video. Anyway, you get the idea!

12. Ready to drink!

12 Ready To Drink

12. Ready To Drink

13. Life-changing moment

13. Life-Changing Moment

13. Life-Changing Moment

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