A Day In Nature With The Crazy-Haired Philippine Eagle

On one of my last days in Davao I had the pleasure of spending a day out in nature north of the city.

The first stop was The Philippine Eagle Center. Lovely, absolutely lovely.

I had never seen the Philippine eagle before and it kind of looks like an eagle with crazy hair! So, in a way, we are crazy hair brothers and it’s an unofficial mascot for The Crazy Hair Fundraiser.

Sadly, there are only 300-400 pairs left in the world. They are monogamous and mate for life, so their dwindling numbers are usually quoted in pairs.

The cutting down of their habitat, the rain forest, has decimated their numbers. Each pair requires so much land that few remain in the wild.

At the center there are other species of eagles and other animals as well. I also found a piece of home in the form of a tile on a path.

Below are some pictures.

Malagos Farm

The second stop was Malagos Farm. They also have lots of animals and wildlife for all to see and enjoy.

This place is actually a resort where you can spend the night. I just went for the day and paid a nominal fee to explore the area.

Enjoy the pictures and videos below.

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