Bat Hanging Upside-Down

What Do 1.8 Million Bats Look Like?

Bat Hanging Upside-Down

Bat Hanging Upside-Down

While in Samal I had the opportunity to visit this amazing bat cave. It was just a few minute walk from where I was staying.

Holy Moly!

I don’t think I had ever seen a bat before this. I guess a cave of 1.8 million bats is a good way to get introduced to them…

I was there just before sunset so the bats were waking up and relatively active. They weren’t leaving the cave, but they were getting ready to. Sadly, I didn’t see the mass exodus of over a million bats leave the cave.

The cave has several openings and you can view the bats from all of them. At only one opening did the smell of 1.8 million pooping animals slap you in the face. It was unpleasant, but it could have been worse.

One thing I didn’t realize is that bats pollinate, just like bees! I guess it makes sense. And yes, most bats eat fruit.. not blood.

So, below are some pictures of these Geoffrey’s Rousette fruit bats and videos of more bats than you can imagine!

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  1. JCov
    JCov says:

    At first I was like “ick!” Then on the close-ups I was like, “awwww” but then the pics of allll of those bats got me back to, “yelch”. I have a phobia of mass quantity of things together…particularly animals and I think that’s why the “icks” won overall. VERY COOL though that you got to witness this!! Did you get the heebie jeebies at all? Yeeeshh! xo


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