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Happiness Plunge Inc.’s Q2 “Report To Shareholders” – More Great Outcomes On No Income

Growth ChartIt’s hard to believe, but it’s been six months since I hit the road and three months since my last “quarterly report.” My life the past six months has been organized and cataloged in my mind by location instead of date. I can’t believe three months ago I was just entering Nicaragua. It seems so long ago.

This quarter has seen its share of ups and downs. But if you’ve been following along, you know there have been many more ups than downs. If you haven’t been following along, then below is the “best of” section covering the past quarter.

I think during this quarter I’ve settled into my groove. I am quite comfortable now, things seem to be working out better and with less effort, and my experiences have been wonderful.

I’ve gotten much better at accepting life and what it has thrown at me during this quarter – ultimately the secret to a happy life. I still have a ways to go, and there’s an article in the queue coming soon that explains how my definition of happiness has changed since I started this trip.

This coming quarter will be very exciting! I’ll head to Peru, long a dream of mine, maybe go to Bolivia and Paraguay, which were not part of the original plan, and finish out South America from Chile, also not part of the original plan. Depending how things go, I might even be home at the end of this quarter as I transition from South America to Asia. Who knows..

And, of course, I’m excited about my hair fundraiser. I hope to raise lots of money for Wigs for Kids this quarter in honor of my uncle battling cancer. Check out the details here.

Q2 Numbers

Total Distance Traveled:  4660mi /  7500km
Distance Traveled By Bus:  4350mi /  7000km
Distance Traveled By Air: 0 mi / 0 km
Distance Traveled By Boat: 310 mi / 500 km (Panama to Colombia)
Longest Bus Ride: 16 Hours (Cucuta, Colombia – Medellin, Colombia)
Total Number of Beds Slept In: 25
Borders crossed: 7 (Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Colombia again)
Amount Spent On Happy Nomad Tour Accommodation: $133
Income: $0
Total Spent: ? I haven’t checked the balance with my Danish bank in about five months. I probably spend on average $10/day depending on my housing situation and how expensive the country is.

Best Of:

Most embarrassing moment: Walking around Medellin with a toilet paper tail

Best volunteering experience: Playing with angels in Medellin at Angeles de Medellin

Nicest Accommodation: My friend’s place in Medellin. I called it The Ritz Carlton part of my trip

Best weekend trip: Meeting up with Jenevieve In Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Worst border crossing: Entering Panama was expensive for no reason and took 4.5 hours; leaving Colombia took 6 hours and I rode a motorcycle without a helmet. Take your pick

Saddest moment: Missing the wedding of a good friend

Best chance encounter: Meeting a photographer from newspaper El Colombiano and then having an article written about Angeles de Medellin because of it

Greatest rescue: My shorts in Medellin

Best “I’m glad I’m always calm now” momentBeing accused of theft at a store in Venezuela

Best first look at the Andes MountainsMerida, Venezulea

Best book read: The Power of Now

Best surprise experience: Going to the beach for New Year’s in Venezuela

Best experience in nature: Tayrona National Park in Colombia

Most beautiful sunset: In Taganga, Colombia despite being bothered by a drunk hippie

Most expensive event: Sailing from Panama to Colombia

Nicest skyline: Panama City, Panama

The best thing since sliced bread: Guava Roscon in Colombia

Best indigenous experience: Chichica, Panama

Coolest accommodation: Casa del Indio in Cartago, Costa Rica

Strangest way to get on TV: Right This Minute TV appearance

Best “just in time” housing: Waking up homeless on Thanksgiving and being rescued by Indians

Coolest coffee preparation: Making coffee the Central American way

Best business school speech: Speaking at INCAE Business School in Costa Rica

Best quitting experience: Quitting Nicaragua

Favorite photo Friday: Gecko Peeping Tom, but this sunset was pretty amazing too

Nicest cafe: The one in Cartagena, Colombia

Most colorful city: Guatape, Colombia

Most beautiful city: Medellin, Colombia

Most surprising city: Caracas, Venezuela

Toughest hike: Hiking to El Pueblito, but climbing La Piedra was intense too

Best fruit: Colombia, without question

Spookiest post: 1984 in Venezuela

Most expensive bus ticket: $98,000 bus ticket in Colombia

Coolest local entrepreneurship: Building bridges during flooding in Cartagena, Colombia

Let’s see what Q3 brings!

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  1. Diana
    Diana says:

    Adam, admiro la valentía de seguir en el tour, espero recibas una idea creativa para autosostenerte en  sumergirte en la felicidad: Algunas ideas, ser conferencista, Establecer una fundación, Una asociación de extranjeros turistas en algún lugar…felicitaciones por la Q2
    Buen balance.


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